State of Real Estate

March 13, 2023

The housing market has changed course and undergone a slump after years of unheard-of rise. Mortgage affordability is at its lowest point in decades as mortgage rates rise.

Investors can no longer depend on the increase in property value experienced since early 2020.
Nevertheless, opportunity arises as market conditions change.
The market is changing from one in which sellers control terms and prices to one in which buyers are in charge. As a result, real estate investors may expect to see more bargains than in the previous three years, as well as more opportunities for discounts.
Real estate investors need to have a solid understanding of the current home market cycle in order to take full advantage of these conditions and to effectively reduce market risk.

In light of this, BiggerPockets has created this 2023 State of Real

A guide to estate investing to assist novice and seasoned investors in making 2023 a year of growth and success.

Credit: Dave Meyer, BiggerPockets

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